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July 2010

Researcher wins NIH grant to study proteins linked to genetic diseases

A Florida State University biochemist who studies a group of proteins linked to several inherited diseases has received a major grant to advance his research toward a better understanding of cellular secretion, which is linked to a wide range of diseases. That research could one day lead to new treatments for those diseases.

President announces good news about fundraising

I wanted to share with all of you some truly great news on the fundraising front. We closed the books June 30th on a successful year.

'Cradle of Hope' earns patent for Florida State creators

An alumna of the interior design program and a facilities engineer from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at The Florida State University have received a patent for their prototype of a portable cradle perfect for infants in family homeless shelters.

Alvi elected fellow of Mechanical Engineering Society

A Florida State University engineering professor has been chosen for one of the top honors in his field: election by his peers to the rank of fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Materials researchers honored by National Science Foundation

A pair of Florida State University researchers who are exploring the properties of two very different types of materials have earned major recognition — and support — for their work.

Florida State biologists find key gene in competition between cancer, normal cells

A landmark study by Florida State University biologists, in collaboration with scientists in Britain, is the first to identify a life-or-death "cell competition" process in mammalian tissue that suppresses cancer by causing cancerous cells to kill themselves.

Schoolchildren will become high-tech wildlife trackers with support from FSU grant

A team of researchers from The Florida State University is using a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to equip fourth- and fifth-graders with handheld digital journals to monitor natural habitats and analyze wildlife behavior at the Tallahassee Museum.

Virtual-worlds researcher's advice to retailers: Go with the 'flow'

As recession-weary consumers learn to make do with less in this, the real world, there is one area where they're still willing to spend freely: in online, "virtual" ones. A Florida State University researcher is studying the growing market for virtual products, particularly in Internet virtual worlds, and has identified several factors that appear to increase the likelihood that people will make these types of purchases.

Florida State researchers work to boost low-performing high schools

High schools across the nation have long struggled to improve student achievement and reduce dropout rates. While reforms enacted over the past three decades have proven successful in some schools, transferring those reforms to others has been challenging, and many students continue to fall behind.

Florida State investigates how fast microbes can break down oil in Gulf beach sands

A new Florida State University study is investigating how quickly the Deepwater Horizon oil carried into Gulf of Mexico beach sands is being degraded by the sands' natural microbial communities, and whether native oil-eating bacteria that wash ashore with the crude are helping or hindering that process.