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January 2009

Teen smoking could lead to adult depression, study says

Teenagers who smoke could be setting themselves up for depression later in life, according to a groundbreaking new Florida State University study.

Florida State symposium to explore role of tribunals in combating war crimes

The Florida State University Center for the Advancement of Human Rights is sponsoring a symposium that will bring together leaders in the international justice movement to assess the role criminal tribunals have in combating torture, genocide and war crimes.

World's top minds to celebrate 'The Birth & Life of Beginnings'

For two weeks in March, some of the greatest names in science and the humanities will come to Tallahassee to take part in public discussions on how fundamental discoveries in science, religion, philosophy, history and the arts have shaped our understanding of life and civilization — and our grasp of what lies ahead.

Florida State forecast: La Niña's abrupt return could mean winter drought in Florida

The Southeast Climate Consortium is predicting a warm and dry winter and spring until May 2009 for Florida with the return of La Niña in the Pacific Ocean.

Professor's history of modern meteorology receives major honor

A Florida State University researcher whose 2008 book detailed the modern history of meteorology is garnering international acclaim for her work from those who know the topic best.

Education professor dispels myths about gifted children

Though not often recognized as "special needs" students, gifted children require just as much attention and educational resources to thrive in school as do other students whose physical, behavioral, emotional or learning needs require special accommodations. So says a Florida State University professor who has studied gifted students for years.

Researcher wins $1.2 million grant to study genetic 'master switch'

A unique discovery in a Florida State University College of Medicine laboratory is the basis for research with the potential to one day help scientists learn how to stop cancer and other diseases in the tissue where they are forming.

What's for lunch on Inauguration Day? Ask Florida State expert

After being sworn in as the 44th president, Barack Obama will head inside to the U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall to join family members, guests and Congressional leaders for the inauguration luncheon, in keeping with a tradition introduced by Harry S. Truman and embraced by every subsequent president except Jimmy Carter.

Florida State celebrating life of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Florida State University is holding a weeklong celebration to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The 21st annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration events includes a commemorative march, poetry readings, a brain bowl and a community service project.

Facebook generation learning social, technical skills online, Florida State researcher says

Worried about the amount of time today's kids spend texting, chatting, blogging, gaming and Facebook-ing? Don't.