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June 2010

Florida State professor hits the road to update image of school libraries

Nancy Everhart, an associate professor in The Florida State University's School of Library and Information Studies, will spend much of the year on the road, on her so-called "Vision Tour," visiting exemplary school libraries across the country.

Florida State will make beautiful music with $5.6 million gift

The Florida State University College of Music is the beneficiary of a $5.6 million gift from Albert H. Cohen of Sarasota. It is one of the largest gifts ever bestowed on the college.

Florida State awarded $26 million to help children better understand what they read

More than a dozen Florida State University reading experts have been awarded a total of $26 million to help solve one of education's most pressing, impenetrable problems: why some students may be able to decipher words on a page, yet still struggle to comprehend them.

Doctoral student awarded prestigious national fellowship

A Florida State University graduate student who is pursuing a doctoral degree in social work has been awarded a competitive fellowship to pursue research on the needs of military veterans who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

FSU center: Critically ill patients' wishes should be doctor's orders

Living wills and advance directives often don't ensure that dying patients receive the kind of medical care they want — or don't want — to receive. Now an effort being coordinated by the Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine & Law at the Florida State University College of Medicine hopes to improve communication and produce a clear set of medical orders for a dying patient's care.

Florida State offers 'smart' solution: free, cutting-edge app for mobile devices

Florida State University students, alumni and others who own "smart" phones and other mobile devices have a new and easy way to stay connected with their university: A mobile application, or "app," has just been developed that offers amazingly convenient access to the latest campus news, as well as maps, dining locations and hours, and much more.

English professor's book, 'Vision, Rhetoric, and Social Action,' wins top award

A visionary work by an English professor at The Florida State University has won the W. Ross Winterowd Award for the most outstanding book in composition theory published in 2009.

Major magnet grant to advance state-of-the-art chemical analysis

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University is planning to build a state-of-the-art magnet system that will transform the study of complex environmental and biological samples. A better understanding of fossil and biological fuels, for example, could lead to applications for reducing carbon emissions and the development of new, sustainable fuels.

Florida State researcher uncovers protein's role in cell division

A Florida State University researcher has identified the important role that a key protein plays in cell division, and that discovery could lead to a greater understanding of stem cells.

FSU School of Theatre a major presence as "Memphis" wins big at Tony Awards

Those neon lights on Broadway shined extra brightly this year for The Florida State University School of Theatre. The 2010 Tony Awards have been announced, and Broadway musical powerhouse "Memphis," whose credits include numerous Florida State University alumni, has won Best Musical of the Year.

Florida State's Jesse O'Shea named to USA Today's All-USA College Academic First Team

Florida State University student Jesse O'Shea is one of just 20 undergraduates from across the nation singled out for USA TODAY's 21st annual All-USA College Academic First Team.

FSU School of Theatre a major presence among 2010 Tony Award nominations

Those neon lights on Broadway are shining extra brightly this year for The Florida State University School of Theatre. Nominations for the 2010 Tony Awards have been announced, and more than half the award categories include productions in which School of Theatre alumni have played key roles either on stage or behind the scenes.

Scholarships enable students to study foreign languages abroad

For American students, knowledge of a foreign language is increasingly viewed as a necessity if the United States is to continue to compete in the global marketplace, understand and interact with people from other cultures, and protect itself from emerging threats throughout the world.

Oil spill shapes sweeping new Florida State-led study of oyster reefs

Florida State University marine biologist David L. Kimbro will lead scientists from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Maine in a massive effort to study the health and future of the nation’s natural oyster reefs in 12 estuaries spanning 1,000 miles of Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico shoreline.

Florida State scientists use unique model to predict active hurricane season

Florida State University scientists who have developed a unique computer model with a knack for predicting hurricanes with unprecedented accuracy are forecasting an unusually active season this year.