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July 2009

Researcher exploring ways to bring digital content to school libraries

The honors continue to stack up for one of The Florida State University's best-known scientists.

American Chemical Society names Marshall to first group of fellows

The honors continue to stack up for one of The Florida State University's best-known scientists.

Florida State trustees select firm to conduct presidential search

The Florida State University Board of Trustees today hired Academic Search Inc. to assist the university in its search for a successor to President T.K. Wetherell who in June announced his resignation.

Invasive species threaten critical habitats; oyster among victims

A study of oyster reefs in a once-pristine California coastal estuary found them devastated by invasive Atlantic Coast crabs and snails, providing new evidence of the consequences when human activities move species beyond their natural borders.

Florida State scientists unveil new seasonal hurricane forecasting model

Scientists at The Florida State University's Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS) have developed a new computer model that they hope will predict with unprecedented accuracy how many hurricanes will occur in a given season.

History professor wins major grant for research on Arctic science

A Florida State University historian who leads an international team working to produce a comprehensive modern history of the Earth's northernmost region has won the largest individual research grant ever received by a member of his department.

NSF awards $2.5M grant to Antarctic research facility at Florida State

Times are tough, especially in the Sunshine State, but with a new, five-year, $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation, life is cooler than ever at the Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility.

Life is a highway: Study confirms cars have personality

No one needs to tell Disney, which brought the likes of Herbie the Love Bug and Lightning McQueen to the big screen, that cars have personality.

Florida State initiative steers rural women toward breast cancer screening

Women in Gadsden and Wakulla counties can now sign up for a new program offered by The Florida State University and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Cancer Center that is designed to increase breast cancer screening and improve access to cancer-care resources for patients in rural areas.