FSU & the Seminole
Tribe of Florida

Florida State University and the Seminole Tribe of Florida have been mutual partners for decades.

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"Florida State University honors its unique and collaborative friendship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. This university is not only located on the ancestral and traditional homelands of the Seminole Tribe, but we are also entrusted by the Tribe with the rare honor and responsibility of calling ourselves the 'Seminoles.' Among much else, this forms our solidarity with the Seminole Tribe, unconquered Peoples, whose power inspires all activities at the university." — Richard McCullough, President

Since becoming a coeducational university in 1947, we have had the honor and privilege of calling ourselves “Seminoles” in tribute to the federally recognized Tribe’s resilience. As a sovereign tribe, the Seminole Tribe of Florida works closely with FSU to ensure that the use of the Seminole name and iconography are used with consistency to the Tribe’s values. Additionally, we collaborate on various issues of mutual interest and representatives of the Tribe consistently serve as dignitaries at various university functions.

FSU does not have a mascot, but rather a symbol that we respect and honor.