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Elizabeth Goldsmith has completed a record-setting third Fulbright posting as a member of Florida State's faculty — the first to do so — serving as a Fulbright specialist at the University of Malta in February.

"My affiliation with the Fulbright program has been an especially rewarding part of my career, and I am grateful to everyone who assisted me in achieving this milestone," Goldsmith said.

The appointment gave the professor of Human Sciences a chance to share her expertise on a number of subjects with Maltese undergraduate students, ranging from family resource management to a discussion on changes in U.S. families, households and consumer behavior.

"I asked them about changes in their country as well," she said. "Though personal conversations are spoken in Maltese, the classes were all conducted in English."

Goldsmith also taught graduate students a range of topics, including sustainability, policy making, and her Model of Social Influence.

Most citizens of the small picturesque Mediterranean island nation who attend college choose the University of Malta, where they go tuition-free and receive a monthly stipend. Foreign students, such as those on study abroad or graduate programs, do pay tuition.

"The University of Malta is by far that nation's largest college," she said. "The students work hard to meet its stringent acceptance standards and must maintain their grades once enrolled."