FSU Departmental Directory

Alphabetic: L

Department Address Phone

 Laboratory Animal Resources (Lar)      
 Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR)  101 BRF  644-4262
 Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) - Fax  101 BRF  644-5570
 Law, College of      
 College of Law, Deans Office  201 LSR  644-3400
 College of Law, Accounting Coordinator  A015 LAC  644-7295
 College of Law, Computer Support Help Desk  339 LAW  644-7735
 College of Law, Dean's Office - Fax  201 LSR  644-5487
 College of Law, Faculty Support Staff  201 LSR  644-4010
 College of Law, Law Review  VG4 VG4  644-2045
 College of Law, Office of Admissions & Records  A120A LAC  644-3787
 College of Law, Office of Development & Alumni Affairs  110 VG3  644-7260
 College of Law, Office of Registrar (Records)  A313 LAC  644-3288
 College of Law, Office of Student Affairs  A310 LAC  644-7338
 College of Law, Placement Office  A214 LAC  644-4495
 College of Law, Public Interest Law Center  A010 LAC  644-9928
 Learning Systems Institute (LSI)      
 Learning Systems Institute (LSI), Main Office  C4600 UCC  644-2570
 Learning Systems Institute (LSI) - Fax  C4600 UCC  644-4952
 Learning Systems Institute (LSI), Florida Center for Reading Research  Suite100A IP-B  644-9352
 Learning Systems Institute (LSI), PALM Center: Partnerships Advancing Library Media  252 Louis Shores Building  644-8122