Florida State University

About Florida State's Faculty

At Florida State University, we are fortunate that our faculty comprises men and women who are widely acknowledged as the finest in their fields. They have distinguished themselves in many disciplines and have gained the high regard of peers around the world. Their academic careers are marked by excellence and the excitement of discovery so important to educating America's next generation and ensuring that the United States maintains its world leadership.

Faculty members continually strive to build stronger programs in arts and the humanities and in critical areas of technology and science. The result will be the expansion of knowledge as well as insights and the discovery of new inventions, new products and processes.

Florida State's more than 40,000 students have the opportunity to work and study amidst a diverse and outstanding faculty that includes a Nobel Laureate, three active members of the National Academy of Sciences, two active members of the National Academy of Engineering, two active members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, two Pulitzer Prize winners, 11 active Guggenheim Fellowship recipients, and over 30 Fulbright Scholars. Florida State faculty members lead several scholarly fields in citations to published work and hold multiple honors in the arts, including the Academy Award, Kennedy Center Honors, the Grammy Award, and the Capezio and BESSIE Dance Awards.

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