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PEA Awards

Two separate committees serve PEA Awards. The Scholarship and Service Awards Committee, headed by Betty Malen, takes nominations for three different scholar and service awards: The Steven K. Bailey Award, the Roald F. Campbell Award and the David Colton Award. The Dissertation Award Committee, headed by Eric Ness, seeks nominations for the Outstanding Dissertation in the Politics of Education.

For 2009-10, the Scholarship and Service Awards Committee is seeking nominations for the David Colton Award.  For information please click here.  To nominate a PEA member for either award, contact Betty Malen at malen@wam.umd.edu.  The deadline for applications is March 1st, 2010.

For information on the Outstanding Dissertation Award, see the link at the bottom of this page, or contact Erik Ness, eness@uga.edu

Award Descriptions

The Stephen K. Bailey Award is for scholars who have shaped the intellectual and research agenda of the field. Named after a Syracuse University political scholar, the Bailey award seeks to recognize theorists in the field of the politics of education. The award is given every three years, and has included Paul Peterson of Harvard University, Doug Mitchell of the University of California-Riverside, and William Lowe Boyd of Penn State University. The 2006 recipients of the Bailey Award were Betty Malen of the University of Maryland, College Park and James Cibulka of the University of Kentucky.

The Roald F. Campbell Award recognizes individuals who help to bridge the gap between scholarship on the politics of education and the political process. These scholar-practitioners point out the ways that theory can be brought into practice. Stanford University's Michael Kirst and University of Pennsylvania's Susan Fuhrman have received the Campbell Award. Most recently, Jay Scribner of University of Texas received the award in 2003.

The David Colton Award recognizes individuals who made a distinctive contribution to the development of the Politics of Education Association. He was at Washington and University of New Mexico and a co-founder. Bruce Cooper of Fordham University received this service award in 2000, and Donald H. Layton, retired from SUNY, Albany, received this award in 2007.

The Outstanding Dissertation Award in the Politics of Education.
The PEA Dissertation Award is designed to foster and support graduate student research and publication on political processes and outcomes in organized education grades preK-16, from the United States and abroad. One aim is to highlight and reward scholars studying political issues in education, as distinct from the interdisciplinary approaches taken by policy studies. The PEA Awards Committee welcomes any nominated dissertation that addresses the politics of education, including, but not limited to, those that focus on questions of democracy, voice, governance, inequality/equality, power, authority, political accountability, interest group interactions, coalitions and agency at any level of analysis (federal/national, state/provincial, local). The next deadline is December 1, 2010. Recent winners of the Outstanding Dissertation in the Politics of Education award include Catherine DiMartino (2010), Christopher Loss (2009), David Tandberg (2008) and Jal Mehta (2008), Deidre Martinez (2007), Tina Itkonen (2004-06), Brendan Maxcy (2004-06), Julie McDaniel (2002), and Lance Fusarelli (2000). To apply, click here.