Volume II, Issue 5           Monday, November 22nd, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

FSU Football:
The Seminole Emotional Roller Coaster

by Tomas Garcia

Photo courtesy of seminoles.collegesports.com

     The Doak Campbell Stadium is probably the very first thing you will see in Tallahassee. It is so big that you will be able to see it from the airplane if you are lucky enough to sit in a windowed seat. In fact, it is probably the biggest structure in the whole city considering that it has housed more than 80,000 persons inside. After considering the immensity of the Doak Campbell you will probably think that Football, the game that attracts the most passionate crowds into zealous obsessions, is given a lot of attention. Indeed, the preparation for every single game gives you a glimpse of the excitement that every Seminole feels before the confrontation, a feeling that sometimes borders fanaticism.

     One of the most dreadful activities, yet the most important one, is getting the tickets. Every FSU student gets coupons that they get from several different places around campus. These coupons are exchanged for tickets in a rather complicated way. Most people resort to their RA (Resident Assistant), to different associations, or to senior friends to get their tickets by giving their coupons to them since it is such a confusing affair.

     In the day of the game, you should make sure you are wearing the garnet and gold colors of the FSU Seminoles or else you will feel like an alien. In fact, you should wear it the next day too, since you will see the party animals still wearing the same clothes and the same face paint from the day before. After you get out of your room, forget about going to the kitchen and preparing coffee and eggs because it is your lucky day! The celebration of the Tailgates frees the freshmen and seniors alike from the hassle of doing a meal for the day. Many organizations, families and random groups of people establish small outposts out in the campus and start having barbecues and parties in preparation for the game. If you are lucky to be an affiliate to any of these organizations, such as the Hispano Latino Student Association, then you will have a free meal! Or you can try to get into a random tailgate. Trust me, North Americans are friendlier than what you think!

     After you fill your belly with burgers and fries, get ready for the game! Sometimes the games are held in the middle of a sunny afternoon and other times in the middle of a chilly night, so wear the appropriate attire with any Seminole-related reference in them. In either case, have a couple of dollars in your wallet or drink a bottle of water before you go into the stadium. The food inside the stadium is extremely expensive, so be prepared. And trust me, after so much yelling you will crave for at least a drop of water before halftime. Oh, and carry your FSU ID at all times because you will be asked for it in the entrance to the stadium.

     When you are in, you are all set. If you are lucky, you will be seating with all your friends. If you arenít that lucky, you will still have the emotional roller coaster involving a Seminole game! The Seminole Chant and the Axe-chopping movement is a traditional convention of the FSU crowds. Remember, when you hear the drums, follow their rhythm rather than the rhythm set by your Panamanian friends. They are always following some other beat so donít look like a fool in front of all your new Seminole friends. Enjoy the halftime entertainment with that crazy Osceola Chief and Renegade running around the stadium while the band plays Aerosmithís ďCrazyĒ. And remember, have fun! It doesnít matter if you donít understand Football at all, you big Barcelona fan! Just yell as if you were in Madrid. But here is a note: Donít burn yourself up, there is always an after-party!

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