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Wednesday, October 4th, 2004


The future of Panamanian constitution, by Carlos Juan Vargas
"I need to be honest, it would not be accurate to state that I fully understood the whole debate. Some of the terms, theories and ideas discussed where not familiar to me, however it was one of the most interesting debates I had ever witnessed..."

Environmental Club Elections, by Debra Rodriguez
"Last August 26th upon the invitation of Carlos Vargas I had the opportunity to witness democracy at its best as the Environmental Club celebrated their elections for the term 2004-2005..."

IP Student Interviews, by Phillip Denis
"It is our pleasure to have you aboard with us for the Fall Semester of 2004, but here at FSU-Panama we are a family so I was hoping that you could take sometime and answer some questions that I have..."

LG-Electronic games Latin America, by Carlos Juan Vargas
"Early 2004 LG Electronics organized what they denominate the biggest Electronic games tournament in the American Continent with 700 hundred participants in Panama alone..."

Summer '04 Night of the Arts, by Mei Lin Leon, Eloy Benedetti and Carla Pinilla
"Thursday, July 22nd, was the Summer Night of the Arts. As it is almost always the case, the audience wasn’t very big, but it was a very lively evening..."

A Bed of Thorned Roses, Darrel A. Holnes
"The juxtaposition was striking, impressive, and intense; this American hero (to many including myself) was side by side with the icon of American pop culture..."

Seminole of the Year interview, by Phillip Denis
"Seminole of the Year is an award created by the Student Government Association-Panama (SGAP) to recognize dedicated individuals who have contributed to enriching the FSU-Panama experience. This past year was the first time this award was presented. It was my honor to interview the recipient of that award... Dr. Silvio Sirias..."

SGAP: Crisis of Numbers, by Monica De Leon and Leila Nilipour
"Every student knows the existence of a Student Government Association (SGAP) at FSU, but do they really know what is it for? Sincerely, not even we were even clear about the answer to these questions so we decided to interview Nemo, the current President of the Student Government..."

Welcome to Tallahassee: The College Town (Literally!), by Alicia De Leon and Monica Martinez
"Arriving in Tallahassee has been a different experience from the one we imagined it would be. There are a lot of questions that arise, but the most important of all is: Where am I going to stay?..."

EXTRA! Photos from the Fall 2004 Cookout

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