Volume II, Issue 4           Monday, October 4th, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine


     The Pananole is passing through a period of changes, seeking to improve itself as the online news-teller in FSU-Panama.

     When Dr. Murphy first told me that I would be News Editor, a feeling of insecurity came over me, and I thought to myself: how would I, a student with no experience in edition and poor grammar, take over The Pananole? But then he told me that there would be a group of 3 editors instead of the regular single News Editor, and that took a lot of weight off my back.

     However we are only tree students trying to put up an issue, study and have social life. Out of personal experience I can tell you it is quite hard to keep up these three activities at the same time. However, we made it... We delivered the issue, studied and tried to keep up with our regular lives; but we did not accomplish this by ourselves but with the help of a great team of student writers and the support of Dr. Murphy.

     As the News Editor I want to express what Pananole means to me. The Pananole is a good idea that, like a seed, plants itself in the ground and flourishes into a plant making the soil a richer place. The Pananole enriches the minds of students, flourishing and giving rise to bigger and better ideas which complement the education they, the students, are receiving.

     It is with great pleasure that the Editorial Team of The Pananole presents you our first issue for the Fall semester 2004.

Carlos Juan Vargas

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