Volume II, Issue 3           Wednesday, June 30th, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

Wednesday, June 30th, 2004


Environmental club beach clean up, by Carlos Juan Vargas
"With the support of FSU-Panama and La Junta Communal de Ancon, the Environmental club of FSU-Panama conducted the beach clean up of La Boca-Ancon beach behind the FSU-Panama campus...."

Summer Cookout 2004, by Eloy Benedetti
"On Wednesday, May 26, the Summer Cookout took place at Florida State University Panama...."

Getting your degree in FSU-Panama from a studentís perspective, by Carlos Juan Vargas
"As a student of the Environmental Program in FSU Panama, one of the six programs meant to be completed in FSU Panama, Iím going to share my experience with you and give advice about how to face the issues you might encounter..."

The Pananole Interview with Dr. Paul Anderer, Assistant Professor of Psychology, by Robert Martin

Appointment of Dr. Langoni as Rector
"On Monday 14th June, faculty, staff and student representatives gathered to hear an announcement by Dr. Jim Pitts, the director of International Programs, concerning the appointment of a new rector for this campus..."

Freshman Experience, by Monica De Leon
"We are interested on knowing how freshmanís life is going here at FSU, thatís why we went through the campus asking some of them for their thoughts about the university..."

Open Forum with Dr. Langoni: The Dismissal of Dr. Sirias, by Carla Pinilla, Alicia De Leon and Monica Martinez
"On Monday, May 24, 2004, an Open Forum with Dr. Carlos Langoni, Acting Rector, was held to discuss the dismissal of Dr. Silvio Sirias..."

SHAMROCKS Grill & Restaurant, by Monica De Leon and Ana Cristina Koo
"A few days ago we went to Shamrocks with a couple of friends to get opinions about the place and the food..."

EXTRA! Photos from the Summer 2004 Cookout

EXTRA! Literacy Supplement, Issue IV

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