Volume II, Issue 3           Wednesday, June 30th, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

Freshman Experience

by Monica De Leon

     We are interested on knowing how freshmanís life is going here at FSU, thatís why we went through the campus asking some of them for their thoughts about the university. What do they think about the people? The classes? The food? The campus itself?

     From my point of view, I donít think I ever specifically imagined how my live would be like in college because I never really decided which one to go until the last minute. It is only my second semester and I know entering FSU was the correct decision. Everyone belongs here, and the staff and students make sure you feel that way . The food is good, and I like the fact that you have several choices for each day. The best part is that the prices are reasonable. The way classes are set up is something else I enjoy, I think itís a relief that you can chose the way youíre going to finish your liberal studies and in the hours that accommodate you the most. The teachers are nice and easy to get along with as well. They are always available for you and theyíre willing to help you with anything you need.

     Now letís check out otherís opinions about this.


     Iím a freshman student, this is my first semester at FSU and it has been pretty good so far. I will be doing a double major in the college of business, one in Risk Management and Insurance and the other one in Management with minor in Human Resources.

     I havenít met many people from the campus yet, but I have notice that everybody knows each other. I assume that people are very friendly here.

     I think that FSU is a great university and with the effort of my parents I will have the opportunity to go and study in FSU Tallahassee. It is going to be a memorable experience. Iíll be studying to get my diplomas and at the same time Iíll be growing as a person, because Iíll be by my own.

     Iím very happy to be able to come to this university, because everything is the way I imagine: the people, the campus, the classes, and the environment. Thereís a lot of difference between school and the university atmosphere. Everything has changed, now I have the freedom I dreamed about. I choose my classes the way I like. I want my college life to be an unforgettable experience, full of nice memories and grades!

Peg-Ling Arroyo


     I started at FSU the Spring of 2004. I wasn't expecting anything before coming, so everything has been completely new for me. I really do like the atmosphere of this university and I guess the classes are fine as well. Until now I have felt comfortable here.

     FSU facilities are comfortable; I donít have any complaints at all about our facilities. But, on the other hand, I think we should get more information about the procedures to get transferred to the main campus. But in general, I think that all other things are fine.

Rafael Wong


     I feel very comfortable in this university. The classes, facilities, atmosphere of it have been good for me. When I entered here, I didnít know what to expect of it, I had no clue of what university life was going to be like. But now that I am here and, it has been very interesting and fun at the same time. A lot of activities have taken place to help students socialize and enjoy themselves, such as the cookout. The food is good, and the prices are resonable.

Jorge Law

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