Volume II, Issue 3           Wednesday, June 30th, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

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Appointment of Dr. Langoni as Rector

     On Monday 14th June, faculty, staff and student representatives gathered to hear an announcement by Dr. Jim Pitts, the director of International Programs, concerning the appointment of a new rector for this campus. Dr. Pitts began by thanking everyone on the campus for playing their part in the process. He then announced that the chosen candidate was Dr. Carlos Langoni, who has been Acting Rector for the last year. This news was greeted with warm applause, and Dr. Langoni then thanked the committee. He stated that he had applied for the position not from any sense of ambition, but out of a desire to offer to serve the institution in whatever way he could, and that he was looking forward to working with everyone to build on the good work that has already been carried out on this campus.

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