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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004


Advising: The Eternal Struggle, by Carla Pinilla, Alicia De Leon and Monica Martinez
"Since the SACS visit, the Library has undergone an extensive overhaul. [...] Advising, however, still remains a puzzle. [...] So what is the university doing about this?..."

Sports Ceremony: Night of the Arts, by Eloy Benedetti
"This semester’s Night of the Arts, hosted an award ceremony to praise the talent of some of our young student athletes..."

The Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race, by Maribel Ibañez
"In Panama, there is an annual event that almost everyone knows about: the Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race..."

The Drama Club’s Debut Effort, by Angie Cruz-Segarra
"The Drama Club worked very hard to present their play “Big Nose,” during The Night Of The Arts..."

A Conversation with Dr. Benjamin Murphy, by Eloy Benedetti

FSU-Panama’s English Language Program, by Veronica Maggiori
"Do you know anyone who wants to learn English or who has to prepare for admissions to a US university? If so, the Florida State University English Language Program offers courses in English, TOEFL prep, and SAT prep..."

The Changes in FSU-Panama’s Library, by Xiao Wei
"The aim of the library is to support learning and teaching in all instructional areas with emphasis on the academic programs taught within the University. As a library assistant, I have seen some dramatic changes in FSU-Panama library..."

Collecting Specimens in Linton Island, by Carlos Vargas
"But suddenly, as if all the havoc in the world has gathered upon you, a loud screams “What the bloody hell are you playing at?! CATCH THAT CRAP,” reminding you that you are not on a vacation trip, but on a specimen recollection mission on Linton Island."

FSU Panama’s Night of the Arts…and then some…, by Derrick Jaramillo
"Most universities are members [of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] because it is an organization that helps improve the services universities are offering by giving recommendations (what they expect) and suggestions in a final report that is delivered to a special commission on the main campus. Once a university is accredited, every 10 years there is a reaffirmation. Next week three representatives from SACS will be visiting FSU-Panama..."

Still No Rector
"Although we had Tallahassee’s assurance that by mid-April the community of FSU-Panama would know who will be the next rector, as of today, April 21, the identity of this individual remains unknown..."

Review: The Passion of the Christ, by Robert Martin
"Mel Gibson's film will probably do more damage than good, but not due to any anti-Semitic message. I personally felt the film was realistic. My problem with the film is that it was a visual smorgasbord for the masses, not edifying the viewer but only making him or her more desensitized to the violence of crucifixion..."

Student Government Elections, by Melissa Lam
"The SGAP, which stands for Student Government Association of Panama, will have new faces for next semester. During April 13 and 14 several new members of the student government were elected. The new student representatives are going to work with the previous government for a semester, and after that, this new government will take over and will work for two consecutive semesters on their own..."

Transferring to FSU, by Ursula Kiener
"The transfer experience… just thinking about those words is enough to stress a person completely. Transferring involves many things, but the major one is simply a change in environment..."

American Transfer?, by Elysia Nicole Beech
"As if you didn’t think college was hectic enough, lets toss in your decision to transfer! I’ll admit that transferring as an American student is much easier than transferring as a foreigner, but, hey, …transferring is never easy..."

Mentally Blocked? Try the Writing Center!, by Tomas Garcia
"Frequently, students at FSU Panama have trouble writing for the various classes offered at the university. [...] So you suffer from writer’s block? [...] Luckily, we have a Writing Center in the FSU-Panama Library, for all those lost souls wondering along the deranged world of vowels and consonants..."

Student Opinion: What New Majors Should FSU-Panama Offer?, by Jorge Calvo

Political Poll among FSU Students, by Ursula Kiener

EXTRA! Literacy Supplement, Issue III

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