Volume II, Issue 1           Monday, February 16th, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

FSU-Panama Student Opinion
“What qualities do you think our new rector should have?”

Carlos Diaz

     “I think we should have a dynamic person, one who would be able to promote school spirit. He should also have previous experience as a college rector.”

Luis Balmaceda

     “He should definitely be an honest person, open-minded and, most importantly, friendly towards the students.”

Luis Manuel Filos

     “He must be responsible and care about what students have to say. He should look close at academics, the facilities and promote financial aid on campus. It would also be great if he could bring more majors to the Panama Branch. In addition, he should definitely be willing to communicate with the student body and not be someone who is unreachable. Most importantly, he should be an active rector, someone we can see in action and who really does what he promised.”

from left to right:

Breyda Ortega

     “It is important to have someone who is open to change and ready to hear proposals from students and the faculty. He should also be able to have an open relationship with the main campus.”

Veronica Paddy

     “He should promote and help sponsor the sports department, since our teams represent the University. It is also very important that he be accessible to students."

Robert Rodgers

     “He should have a stiff hand regarding decisions that need to be made for the benefit of students. He should be willing to help meet students’ needs first."

Alicia de Leon

     “We need someone who would be interested to offer more majors on this campus. Also, he should provide more resources. For example, the labs lack material, which do not allow engineering majors to have hands-on experience. I think it should be someone who would look to resolve these problems.”

Jean Pierre Bulgim

     “Someone who is responsible and friendly.”

Enrique Tellez

     “He should be capable of accomplishing what he promised, and be honest and responsible.”

Monica de Leon

     “I think the most important thing is that he takes into consideration the opinions of the students. I also think it’s essential that he be bilingual.”

Manuel Garcia de Paredes

     “He should be an easygoing person.”

Selina Josephs

     “Someone young at heart! He should promote activities, be responsible, and hear out what students have to say.”

Maria del Sol Rivera

     “I believe we need a responsible and respectable person. I also believe that a rector is an image of our University, so besides helping the students, he should be available to them. He must have a strong personality, and make sure that the rules are followed at all levels.”

Ana Julita Ponce

     “He must take into consideration the students academic needs, and be more open to suggestions, especially the ones made by students. He must be unbiased regarding the academic affairs, and support the Student Council, which is the voice of the students.”

*Opinions recollected by Monica Martinez

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