Volume II, Issue 1           Monday, February 16th, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

What I Will Miss the Most About Panama?

by Melissa Lam

     I am soon going to be leaving to the States to continue my studies and it is scary for me to think about all the things that I will have to leave behind: my family, my friends, my bathroom, my bed, the warm climate, and, of course, THE FOOD! I have been living in Panama all my life and the idea of going to a totally different country for God knows how long is terrifying.

     Once I went to Los Angeles, for only two weeks. I wasn’t homesick at all. I liked the place where I was living; the bathroom was clean; the bed was perfect; the people with whom I was living were nice. The only thing I missed was the food. The food in the States is very dry and boring! I mean what can you expect from fries and hamburgers? I missed the porotos. I missed salsas. I missed sancochos. I missed Panamanian food. I missed the word sabor!

     That was only for two weeks. Now, it is going to be like for two years! Can you imagine what I am going to be like? I am going to turn into a dry fried potato!

     Every night I tell my mom to bring some cans of tomato sauce, or guandu con coco or some bags of poroto if she plans to visit me when I am in the States. She might think I am crazy, but I am really addicted to Panamanian food!

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