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Where to Stay: Tallahassee Housing
By Monica Martinez

     Thereís a great amount of the student body transferring to the main campus in Tallahassee this Fall 2003. Lately the main office has been crowded with students trying to get their papers in order. The academic part is taken care of, but the most important question is still left unanswered: Where am I going to stay?!

     I have heard my fellow classmates worrying about things like sharing showers, ending up with strange roommates, and some are even worried they will end up having to camp in the middle of the football field for an entire semester if they donít hurry up. Being a sophomore transferring in Fall 2003 myself, I have already started my research, with the help of my friends in Tallahassee. Iíve decided to post my discoveries to let you know where to look and where to stay.


     Our first option always tends to be the universityís housing. However, it is not easy to get in. You have to apply one semester in advance, and they usually take one or two months to reply. The waiting list is usually long. There are two bed bedrooms with one shower, and a bed, a small desk and a closet for each person. Sometimes you can pick your roommates, but it all depends on the availability of rooms. Dorms are located inside campus and after 10pm the doors close down. Students however have a card to open the main gates to go out after 10. The average for on-campus housing is $3,280 dollars and $2,888 for the meal plans per year (two semesters).

Pros: No need for transportation, no need to cook.
Cons: Restricted dining hours, need to share bathrooms, limited privacy To apply for campus housing and for the F.A.Q go to: http://www.housing.fsu.edu/


     There are several apartments to choose from in Tallahassee and since it is a student town, most of them are located near campus. You usually have to email them or call them to get a contract. If you have someone you want to stay with, this option can work, and if you need a roommate they will search one for you based on your interests. The closest ones are: Royal Properties, WhiteHall, Colony Club, Osceola Hall and Conradi House.

Royal Properties (www.royalproperties.com)

Photos courtesy of royalproperties.com

     Royal Properties consist of three different apartment facilities: Royal Oaks, Royal Pavillion and Royal Village. They are located one or three blocks from the west side of FSU. You can choose from two, three or four-bedroom apartments with dryer, washer, kitchen appliances, internet access and cable TV. Each apartment has 2 bathrooms. Price ranges go from $390 Ė $584 per month, per bedroom. I read some reviews online, and itís not supposed to be that great, but students prefer it because itís the closest to campus.

Colony Club (www.psetter.com)

     Itís not furnished. Rent goes from $490 for one bedroom to $775 for 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Itís not fancy, but convenient because of its proximity to campus.

WhiteHall (whitehallapts@aol.com)

Photos courtesy of Freddy Chan and Rene Arauz

     Furnished apartments with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms with two bathrooms. The rent is between $350 to $400 a month per person, and utilities (water, telephone, electricity, etc.) could go up to $100 between all of the people in the apartment. Just send an email to request for the lease to rent. A deposit of $300 is required.

Osceola Hall (www.Collegeparkweb.com)

Photos courtesy of Freddy Chan and Rene Arauz

     This is actually like a private dorm. You share your room with another person, and a bathroom with four people. The advantage of this private dorm is that there is a dining room so you donít have to go through the hassle of cooking, and the utilities are also taken care of. Prices range from $5,500 to $6,700 per spring and fall semester, and meal plans from $1,227 (7 meals per week) to $1,536 (unlimited).

     These are just some of the options that are available for us students. However, there are many more out there. You can search for more apartments and information in: http://www.rentnet.com/apartments/. See you in Tallahassee!

*Special thanks to all those people that helped me with this article, specially to Freddy Chan for all his patience, and Rene Arauz for letting me use his photos.

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