Volume II, Issue 1           Monday, February 16th, 2004           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

Drama Club Meeting
By Monica Martinez

     Last Thursday, February 12, students interested in the art of acting gathered in the auditorium to discuss the possibility of opening a Drama Club at FSU-Panama. After Dr. Silvio Sirias’s and Dr. Benjamin Murphy’s demonstrations of their acting abilities (which awed us all) the audience was delighted to hear the words of actor Vernon Skatt, from the Ancon Theater Guild.

     After Vernon’s thespian entrance, in which he represented the second act of the upcoming production of the Ancon Theater, “Boeing Boeing,” which debuts in April, he told us a little about the 50 year-old drama tradition of Ancon Theater. We were able to find out that despite the departure of the U.S. military, the theater still keeps putting on plays in English. He also informed us about future plays that will be presented, including Noises Off, a comedy about a theater group, which will be cast in April. The Ancon Theater Group are looking for people to help stage the play, and he encouraged us to go to the auditions, and to apply for anything from acting to helping backstage with the lights, the sound, or set preparation.

     Towards the end of the meeting, he encouraged the students of FSU-Panama to open our own Drama Club. He told us that we should take advantage of our magnificent auditorium. Dr. Murphy proposed to put together a play for this semester’s Night of the Arts, in April, and most of the students who attended the meeting thought it was a great idea. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Dr. Murphy. After the meeting was over, we all walked out with excited smiles on our faces; it seems like the FSU-Panama Drama Club will soon be a reality!

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