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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003


The FSU Used Book System, by Tomas Garcia
"The price of the books affects the students: it is a fact. But how does it affect the administration? And on what basis does the university determine the price of books?..."

Drama Club Meeting, by Monica Martinez
"Last Thursday, February 12, students interested in the art of acting gathered in the auditorium to discuss the possibility of opening a Drama Club at FSU-Panama..."

Finding Lost Things: Tragedy or Ability?, by Alicia De Leon
"Whether we like it or not, things sometimes disappear in a mysterious way from our hands, and most of the time it doesn’t mean somebody had stolen them from us. [...] Anyway, it is not a happy situation..."

Seminole Football
"Come Watch the 2004 FSU-Panama Seminoles. We now have an American Football Team!!!"

Where to Stay: Tallahassee Housing, by Mónica Martínez
"There’s a great amount of the student body transferring to the main campus in Tallahassee this Fall 2003. Lately the main office has been crowded with students trying to get their papers in order. The academic part is taken care of, but the most important question is still left unanswered: Where am I going to stay?!"

FSU Tallahassee Librarians Visit FSU-Panama, by Xiao Wei
"Three Florida State University Librarians— Maryhelen Jones, Associate Director; Carolyn Klatt, Head of Electronic Resource Management; and Robert H. McDonald, Assistant Director of Libraries—visited the FSU-Panama Campus during the week of February 2, 2004. The purpose of their visit was to introduce the FSU Libraries' new Web Site [...] to the Panama Campus..."

What I Will Miss the Most About Panama?, by Melissa Lam
"I am soon going to be leaving to the States to continue my studies and it is scary for me to think about all the things that I will have to leave behind: my family, my friends, my bathroom, my bed, the warm climate, and, of course, THE FOOD!"

The Search for the New Rector: Will Students Have a Voice?, by Tania Cárdenas
"Last Tuesday, February 3, Phillip Denis, President of the FSU-Panama Student Council, was designated the new official member of the Search Committee, thanks to the Student Government, who appointed him to be our representative. [...] Denis states that he is pleased with this decision, because he feels that now the students will play a bigger role in the selection of our new rector..."

SACS Visits FSU-Panama, by Alicia De Leon
"Most universities are members [of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] because it is an organization that helps improve the services universities are offering by giving recommendations (what they expect) and suggestions in a final report that is delivered to a special commission on the main campus. Once a university is accredited, every 10 years there is a reaffirmation. Next week three representatives from SACS will be visiting FSU-Panama..."

Zonians among us, by Silvio Sirias
"Zonians. To be honest, before moving to Panama the thought of what happened to the Americans who once lived in the former Canal Zone—for several generations in some instances—had never crossed my mind. Shortly after my arrival, though, in fact, the first day that I reported to work at Florida State University-Panama, I literally came face to face with the question..."

Student Opinion: What qualities do you think our new rector should have?

EXTRA! Literacy Supplement, Issue II

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