Volume I, Issue 3           Wednesday, October 1st, 2003           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003


SPECIAL! Photos: FSU-PMA students read to break world records

A November to Remember, by Leonel Jiménez
"This November, our beloved Panama celebrated it’s 100 birthday as an independent nation. To commemorate this event, the Government of Panama arranged a series of activities all across the republic’s territory during the national holidays..."

The Pananole Interview with with Mr. Carlos King, FSU-Panama English Language Program, by Xiao Wei
"Mr. Carlos King is the person who has worked at FSU-Panama longer than anyone else. I decided to interview Mr. King for The Pananole News so that we can learn from the wisdom he has accumulated during his time here..."

Halloween in Panama: A Historical Report, by Mónica Martínez
"My parents used to tell me that Halloween was NEVER celebrated when they where young, [...] This is when I started to ask myself where this festivity had started. I do not intend to bore you all with the details of the origins of Halloween. [...] I was mainly curious to find out how Halloween had all leaked out to become part of the Panamanian culture."

The PANABOARD Interview: A Conversation with Dr. Carlos Langoni, Acting Rector, FSU-Panama, by Diana P. Nakad
"Dr. Carlos Langoni has been working at FSU-Panama for sixteen years. He teaches classes in Computer Science and Mathematics. Currently, Dr. Langoni is the Acting Rector of the University..."

Is Our Campus Haunted?, by Mónica Martínez
"The FSU-Panama Campus building has been functioning for quite a long while now. Way before our arrival, thousands of students of the Panama Canal College stormed up and down its halls. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe someone may have died inside this ancient building and may be coming back to haunt you, in the middle of your late night Financial Accounting class?..."

The Search for the New Rector, by Mónica Martínez
"Last October, Dr. James Pitts and Ms. Joan Cassels, two Florida State-Tallahassee officials, visited our campus. [...] In the meeting they had with Philip Denis, President of the FSU-Panama Student Government, on October 28, they informed him that the search for the new rector had yet not officially begun..."

The Pananole Interview: Inside the mind of “El Señor Presidente,” Mr. Philip Denis, by Ursula Kiener
"Philip L. Denis (“Philly D”) was born in Aurora, IL, USA [...] on February 25, 1981, making him a whopping 22. [He] was not always fond of school. In fact, he was high school dropout who realized how vital his education was, so he returned to school..."

Florida State University-Panama Helps Set Two World Records, by Silvio Sirias
"On Monday, November 17, 2003, at 9 am, the nation of Panama set out to break two world records for continuous reading out loud. The work selected for this quest—organized by the Office of the Mayor of Panama City—was none other than the classic novel Don Quijote de la Mancha..."

Sports at Florida State University-Panama, by Walter Dupery
"In the spirit of maintaining high standards in extra curriculum sports activities, Florida State University–Panama (FSU-PANAMA) has engaged in a variety of intercollegiate events every semester—both for women and men..."

FSU-Panama Student Government Speaks Out, by Kristin Hoyer
"A school as new as Florida State University–Panama experiences rapid changes and, we hope, improvements, and the new Student Government is just one example of a change that is taking place on campus...."

Surfing through College, by Alicia Breininger
"[...] Since we are lucky enough to live near to both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, there are other, less traditional sports that also can be enjoyed. One of these is surfing, an exhilarating coastal sport, that has rapidly gained popularity in this country over the past several decades..."

So, You’re Coming to Tallahassee?, by Kelley Jackson
"So, are you planning to transfer to Tallahassee? Well, let me tell you a little about what to expect and some possible lifestyle changes you might have to make..."

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