Volume I, Issue 2           Wednesday, October 1st, 2003           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003


SPECIAL! Literary Supplement

Mystery Solved, by Monica Martinez
"Ever since [dr. Jeremy Brown] left Florida State University-Panama a lot of speculation regarding his current location had been created. Here, at Pananole News, we have found him..."

The Pananole Interview with Mr. Anthony Blackie, FSU-Panama Librarian , by Melissa Lam
"Have you ever wondered about who is responsible for all this cleanliness, serenity, and order? Well, the person behind all this is our librarian: Mr. Anthony Blackie..."

Dorm Life, by Alicia Breininger
"Often, for reasons of convenience, students choose to move into university provided dormitories, where they are assigned to live with people they have never previously met..."

Estereo's, by Elysia Beech
"Hey all you out there! Are you looking for a casual place to go eat? A nice environment? Check out Estereo’s located on Isla Culebra on the Causeway..."

First day policy: What do you think?, by Carla Pinilla
"As of Fall Semester 2003, a new official policy came into effect in the main FSU Campus, and subsequently in FSU-Panama: it is mandatory that every student attend the very first class that he or she is enrolled in, or else the student will be dropped from the class automatically..."

New FSU-Panama Math Learning Center, by Verónica Maggiori
"As of September 8, 2003, FSU-Panama students can count on a new resource for helping them in their math classes. Prof. María Morales has created the Math Learning Center..."

What Is There to Do in Panama?, by Ursula Kiener
"What is there to do in Panama? I’m sure this question has crossed your mind at least once. Considering that my major used to be partying, especially in the summers, I can tell you that Panama has everything you could possibly want..."

Comparison between Oxford and FSU-Panama, by dr. Benjamin Murphy
"The significant differences between Pembroke College, Oxford and FSU-Panama are not the differences in ambience, however. The truly significant differences concern the methods of teaching and evaluation, the two essential activities of a university..."

Reflections on Panamá, by Beth Hartsfield
"Let me begin by saying I’m going to miss this country, and most especially this city. I have enjoyed my time here and I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be Panamanian, and although I will remain a gringa (not necessarily by choice), a bit of Panamá will always reside in my heart..."

Of Self Help Books, by Vicky Colorado
"Let me tell you how to be happy. How to be efficient, perfect, liked, nicer or calmer. What do you need? I have seven rules, steps or concoctions to solve any problem this side of the sun..."

Sport Block, by Walter Dupery
"Along with an amazing view to one of men’s greatest invention FSU-PTY’s atheletic program offers a great physical fitness facility and many University sports programs..."

Campus Theft (An Insider's Story), by Monica Martinez
"You chat away. Then suddenly you feel thirsty and decide to get something to drink. You reach for your backpack, and look for your wallet. However, when you open it you realize not only that your wallet’s missing, but that you cell phone’s gone too. What would you do if this happened to you?"

Without Excuse, by Philip Denis
"After understanding the definition of [representation] as it relates to FSU-Panama, it becomes the duty of the student body to hold their representatives accountable for their needs and desires, that is assuming that the student body even cares about being represented or not..."

University Rankings (part 2), by Leonel Jimenez
"Several months ago, La Prensa published the 'Ranking Universitario'. The results has caused controversy among leaders in the educational sector. In the first issue of The Pananole News I wrote about the academic area, today I will explore teaching..."

Photos from the Fall '03 Cookout

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