Volume I, Issue 1           Monday, August 4th, 2003           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

A Survey on FSU-Panama Studentsí Majors

by Xiao Wei

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     Recently, I conducted an informal survey on studentsí choice of majors at Florida State University-Panama.

     By far, and perhaps not surprisingly, Business is the most popular choice on campus. An impressive 38.8% of FSU-Panama students have opted to major in Business. A surprisingly high number of the Business majors surveyed expressed that they have chosen to undertake a second major as well. Although Business is one of the most popular occupations at present, it is interesting to note that not a single student expressed that he or she chose this field because of social popularity. Furthermore, as we well know, many of the families of FSU-Panama students own businesses. In spite of this, just one student responded to choosing Business as a major because of parental suggestion/pressure.

     Among the forty students surveyed not a single respondent indicated Education or Social Science as majors. In addition, only one student expressed a desire to study Law. Engineering was the second most popular choice of majors, while International Affairs came in third.

     Even though everyone knows that business plays an important role in contemporary society, this brings a question to mind: Are there enough positions in the world for everyone who graduates with a degree in Business?

     You can see the survey results below:

Total students in survey: 40
1. How many majors have you declared?
a. One major21 (students)52.5%
b. Double majors1230%
c. One major and one minor615%
d. Others12.5%
2. What is (are) it (they)?
a. Business1938.8%
b. Double majors48.2%
c. One major and one minor00.0%
d. Engineering1020.4%
e. International Affairs816.3%
f. Law12.0%
g. Social Science00.0%
h. Others714.3%
3. Why did you choose this (these) major(s)?
a. Personal Interest3792.5%
b. Parental suggestion/pressure12.5%
c. Social popularity00.0%
d. Other reasons25%

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