Volume I, Issue 1           Monday, August 4th, 2003           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

A Report on the Student Council Emergency Meeting
by Leonel Jiménez

     Last Wednesday, July 30th, the Student Council (SC) convoked an emergency meeting to address the problems stated in an anonymous e-mail. The message was sent to administrators, both here and on the main campus, some faculty members, and to the staff. The email brings up issues that were discussed in previous, anonymous e-mails. These issues include the perceived incompetence and hostility of some FSU-Panama employees, internal corruption, and the generalized feeling of student lack of civil liberties.

     In the meeting, those present discussed the harmful effects of anonymous correspondence, as well as the importance of developing procedures to deal with such acts. With this last point, two suggestions came forward: the start of Open Forums where students are invited to express their concerns to the administration, and the nomination of a University Ombudsperson. According to SC Arts and Culture representative, Freddy Chan, "Issues affecting FSU - Panama should be solved within our community." In addition, Chan also commented, "No one in this University should feel fear toward the administration, the staff, or the faculty."

     In other news, SC Treasurer, Donaldo Fong, announced that the SC will have an annual budget of $3.000,00.

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