Volume I, Issue 1           Monday, August 4th, 2003           Florida State University - Panama Student E-Zine

Welcome to First Edition of The Pananole News

“Education is the ability to listen to just about anything without losing your temper.”
- Robert Frost

     During the emergency meeting of the Student Council, the outgoing rector, Dr. Jeremy Brown, stated that a vital part of the educational mission of FSU-Panama is to teach students the importance of respecting freedom of speech.

     We couldn’t agree more with Dr. Brown.

     A university education is all about questioning things as they are, all with an eye toward bettering the human condition. Free speech is a right in civilized societies. Free speech, however, is also a big responsibility, one that everyone needs to learn to exercise in a respectful, constructive manner.

     In this spirit, we welcome you to The Pananole News.

     For months, students have been repeatedly expressing their desire to begin an FSU-Panama student publication. The result of their wishes and persistence is this online magazine. Through online discussions, the founding students, after brainstorming for several days, agreed upon a name for this enterprise: The Pananole News.

     Our thanks go to Vicky Colorado, Leonel Jiménez, John Balparda, Xiao Wei, and Eloy Benedetti for their commitment and the hard work they put forth in making the first issue of The Pananole News possible. We would also like to thank Mr. Michael Galvin, Spanish Instructor, for contributing a creative piece.

     We encourage all students who enjoy writing to participate in The Pananole News. Articles on topics deemed of interest to FSU-Panama students are welcomed. Also, please take a look at the FSView, the FSU Tallahassee student newspaper. You are invited to click on the link below. The FSView will serve as our model. We want you to visit this site frequently so that you can be informed of what’s going on in Tallahassee. However, and perhaps more importantly, we want you to learn what a quality student newspaper is really about.

     We are committed to publishing The Pananole News at least twice a semester. If you wish to become involved, please contact either one of us.

     We hope you enjoy The Pananole News.

Benjamin Murphy
Silvio Sirias

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