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Be Aware of Rising Tuition

by L. Wilhelm

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but things are getting rather pricey around here. What a few semesters ago “wasn’t so bad” now seems to be unaffordable. [...] Well, nobody likes a raise in the prices of anything. But instead of simply complaining about the raise, I decided to get some solid information on the matter.


     Once again we are here to give our readers the latest scoops of what is going on in this side of the FSU family. There are a variety of stories, though the two main ones have to do with the US Ambassador to Panama, and our Chemistry Professor, Dr. Rafael Vasquez.

     We give our special thanks to the US Ambassador to Panama, Her Excellency, Linda Watts for sharing her valuable time with us when she agreed to an interview.

     We are also pleased to inform you of the latest discovery our very own “Albert Einstein” has accomplished! Lets hope this culminates in a Nobel Prize for Dr. Vasquez!

     Again we thank our great team of editors and student writers for their time and effort given to the creation of another issue of the “Pananole”. And, as the end of the semester creeps up behind us, we hope they continue this effort, especially since the creative brain behind the web page departs to further her intellectual growth.

     We can’t let pass the opportunity to send a special thanks to Monica Martinez and Tomas Garcia, for sending a couple of stories all the way from Tallahassee, it seems that they can’t let go of their ties with us. Both of you keep it up, you write wonderful articles! We love and miss you!

E.A. Benedetti

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