Silent Invaders is a joint effort of the Interactive Media Science Project at Florida State University
and the Bureau of Land Management, U. S. Department of the Interior.

Silent Invaders Development Team
George Dawson and David Lahart, Co-Principal Investigators
Art Directors: Gail Rubini and Keith Roberson
Script writer: George Dawson
Field Guide and Educator's Guide: Randy Spaid
Designers: Gail Rubini, Keith Roberson, and Michael Oliveri
Videographer and Post Production: Scott Groeniger
Computer Animations: Keith Roberson and Jesse Freeman
Evaluation: Murat Kahveci

Sarah Cowperthwaite as " Melanie Luca"
Lorraine Maddox as "Tamarisk Verde"
Josh Moon as " Rod Starling"

Technical Advisory Committee
Steve Dewey, Extension Weed Specialist, Utah State University
Michael J. Grodowitz, U. S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center,
    Waterways Experiment Station
Gary Johnston, National Park Service
Mike Lelmini, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Jim Olivarez, U. S. Forest Service
Vernon Parent, Utah State University
Gina Ramos, Bureau of Land Management
Tom Roberts, Bureau of Land Management Carol Spurrier, Bureau of Land Management
Randy Westbrooks, Bureau of Land Management

Special Thanks:
The Interactive Media Science Project at Florida State University expresses a special thanks to Mary Tisdale and Elizabeth Rieben, Bureau of Land Management, Washinton, D.C, for their patience and support during the many months and iterations of this project. Their leadership, vision, and dedication toward educating our nation's children about national resource management is inspirational and appreciated by all of us concerned about the preservation of our ecosystems.