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Call for Papers
Possible Topics:
(other proposals will also be considered)
  • Gender, Marginalized Sexualities, the "Other"(e.g. the Woman, the Homosexual, the Jew) in the Construction of French Cultural and National Consciousness Throughout History.

  • The Museum as Locus of Cultural Memory and a Place for Redressing the Past : e.g. the Creation of Holocaust Museums, Museums of Immigration, of Colonization, etc.

  • Memory and War: e.g. Recent "Grande Guerre" Memorials and New Museums for Peace; 80th Anniversary of the Armistice, 50th Anniversary of D-Day; Memory and the Algerian War, etc.

  • Archives of Cultural Memory, Marginalia and Ephemera: e.g. from the Archives Nationales to the Bibliothèque de Documentation Internationale Contemporaine (BDIC).

  • Historiographical Revisions, Changing Conceptions and Reinterpretations of Key Periods in French History: e.g. Centennial and Bi-centennial Celebrations of the French Revolution and Other Watershed Moments of French History.

  • Comparative Perspectives on Cultural Memory: e.g. Case studies in France Compared with Other Nations, Paris Compared to other National Capitals. Memory and the City: e.g. Conserving Urban Memories, the City as Text.

  • Memory and the City: e.g. Conserving Urban Memories, the City as Text.

  • Region and Nation: Centralization and Marginalization, Paris and the provinces, Memory as a Regionally Bound Artefact, Marginalized Memories of Regions and the Centralized Nation-State Memory, Conservation of Regional Memory, Regional Linguistic Identities, the Perception of Paris in the Regions in Past and Present.

  • France and Europe: e.g. French Cultural Memory as Distinct (or not) from a larger European Cultural Memory, The Influence of Cultural Memory on Racial and Social Diversity within a Larger European Background.
Deadline for submission of proposals: March 15, 2003. Abstracts of circa 300 words should be included with proposals for papers. Proposals for panels (with rationale of 300-500 words) are also welcome. Papers may be given in either English or French

The conference will result in a volume of essays drawn from the proceedings.

Enquiries and proposals should be directed to the conference organizers:

Dr Aimée Boutin
850 644 8398

Dr Alec G. Hargreaves
850 644 8559

Dr Reinier Leushuis
850 644 8179

Dr Lori Walters
850 644 8301


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