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Call for Papers
Deadline for proposals: July 1, 2008


The manifesto published in 2007 in favor of a “Littérature-monde en français” raises new and challenging questions about current trends in writing in French. Is the separation between “French” and “Francophone” literatures now outmoded? Does “littérature-monde” run with or against the grain of postcolonialism? Is the Anglophone concept of “world literature” a model or a rival for “littérature-monde”? Does “littérature-monde” offer a genuinely new vision or may it be seen as repackaging old wine in new bottles? Is it descriptive, normative or utopian? These are among the central questions to be addressed at this international conference. Signatories of the "littérature-monde" manifesto are among leading writers and scholars of literatures of French expression participating in the conference.

Speakers are asked to engage with the specific issues raised by the Littérature-monde manifesto, first published in Le Monde, 16 March 2007, and by contributors to the collection of essays edited by Michel Le Bris and Jean Rouaud, Pour une littérature-monde (Paris: Gallimard, 2007). The manifesto and related materials may be viewed on the Etonnants voyageurs website:

Topics for papers may include:

  • Littérature-monde and francophonie
  • Littérature-monde and postcolonialism
  • Littérature-monde and world literature
  • Littérature-monde and transnationalism
  • Littérature-monde and migration
  • Littérature-monde and travel literature
  • Littérature monde and minority literatures
  • Littérature-monde and world cinema
  • Littérature-monde and comparative literature
  • Littérature-monde and the history and politics of literary manifestoes
  • Littérature-monde: literary amnesia or literary utopia?
  • Littérature-monde: pre-history and institutionalization
  • Littérature-monde and the publishing industry
  • Littérature-monde and the media

These are indicative topics, and the list is not restrictive. Proposals - in English or in French - are welcomed for individual papers or for whole panels on any topic relevant to the overall conference theme. Standard panels will normally consist of three papers. Presentations will be selected for inclusion in the conference program on the basis of merit.

To submit a proposal for an individual paper, click here.

To submit a proposal for a panel, click here.

Deadline for proposals: July 1, 2008

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