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Pictured Left to Right: Anne Marsh, Lindsey Harrington, Steve Brewer, Andrea ???, ???? ????, Claudia Rivas, ??? Rivas, Sarah Franklin, Dr. Rodney Anderson, ???? ????, Monica Hardin, Tam Spike, Travis Hier, Mary Mahoney

The Guadalajara Census Project is located, appropriately, in one of the last of the World War Two buildings left on Florida State University grounds. Relics from the U.S. Army Air Force Base Mabry Field, these wooden buildings were moved to the campus after the war to be housing to accommodate the many married students enrolling in the former Florida State College for Women. The pink door and the bright green steps mark the GCP staff’s eccentric, not to mention eclectic, tastes.

Our staff are mainly history graduate students at Florida State, although some have moved on to full-time positions while working part-time at the project. Others are consultants for specialized aspects of the project. See Board of Advisors for a complete list of advisors and consultants..

For the most part the GCP staff maintain their own building, usually take their lunch there, have receptions for visiting scholars, and host social events for less formal but no less compelling reasons. The Guadalajara Census Project is very much a cooperative-run enterprise.

That is not to say that the project is independent of institutional support. Since its formal founding in 1993, the GCP has maintained strong financial and administrative support from the Department of History at Florida State University, including past chair Richard Greaves and current Chair Neil Jumonville. Also important to the GCP mission are the History Department’s fellow Latin Americanists.

Thank you for your interest in the Guadalajara Censuses Project.





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