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About the Guadalajara Censuses Project
Guadalajara: Background & History
Guide to Database Designing
CD ROM Information

How to Navigate the GCP Website

Please read through all of the information on this page before proceeding. We have tried to make navigating the GCP website as logical and simple as possible.

Bi-Lingual Website

This is a bilingual website accessible to both English and Spanish speakers. We have included links, titled "View this page in Spanish" and " " to allow both English and Spanish speakers to freely navigate between the English and Spanish versions.

Using the Navigation Sidebar

Within each of the eight topic areas is a series of sub-navigational link structures which are activated when a user rolls the mouse over one of the eight general topic areas listed on the left. When the user highlights one of the general topic areas, it changes to a garnet color and a series of garnet colored sub-navigational link structures appear to the right of the navigation bar. Simply roll the mouse over the topic which you need to access. It will become highlighted in gold. Left click the mouse to access the page. "Alt" tags are provided for visually-impaired users.

General Topic Descriptions

The website is divided into eight general topic sections and their descriptions are listed below.

About the Guadalajara Censuses Project - This is the “welcome” section in which you are in currently. Here we explain our origins, objectives and philosophy. A brief “history” of the GCP is followed by what we are doing currently, our future plans, our past and present staff and our Board of Advisors.

Guadalajara - In addition to providing a brief history of the city, this section contains information about the city’s cuartel system (wards or precincts) and provides a “tour” of the city’s neighborhoods as they would have appeared in 1821, along with photos, maps and summary statistics for each district.

Censuses - . Here you have a list of the various population censuses taken in the city between 1600 and 1850 with a critical discussion of their reliability. Special attention is given to a description, history and comparative importance of the richly detailed padrones (censuses) of 1821 and 1822, along with copies of contemporary documents about the censuses, including an interesting [amusing?] letter from one of the census takers complaining about his job. Actual copies of the original manuscripts provides a first-hand view of the documents from which our data is taken.

Codebooks - Includes a technical introduction to the database file format, a description of the several type of database files and types of variables, a list of the variables and two codebooks describing each variable–a “brief” codebook and a “detailed” codebook. The former provides a succinct description of each variable and a link to the frequency table summarizing the data found in that variable. The latter is an extensive description of each variable, and the rationale behind the many assumptions and research design decisions.

Guide to Database Designing - This section provides essays describing our staff training, data entry, coding and verification procedures, as well as a “history” of all the major and no few minor decisions taken in the five year course of the project. This practical guide to database construction and management also will include funding and budget issues, grant application recommendations (based on our specific experience), and a frank discussion of project difficulties and recommendations on how to avoid potential problems.

Research - Examples of our data--tables, graphs and frequencies for a wide range of variables. Citation information. Complete copies of papers and articles presented and published using the GCP data.

Maps - Copies of maps of the city of Guadalajara, from 1800 through 1842. They will include maps with street names, district (cuartel) divisions and all major public and private buildings.

CD ROM Information -Description of the content of the two volume CD series, which will include the GCP database for 1791, 1813-14, 1821, 1822, 1824, 1838-42, and 1930. Vol. 1 (1821 & 1822) will be issues during the fall of 2003.

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