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Guadalajara Census Project Board of Advisors and Staff

Board of Advisors

Chair, Dra. Carmen Castañeda, CIESAS de Occidente

Margo Anderson, Department of History, Univ. of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Tomás Calvo, Univ. de París
Charoles Connerly, Chair, Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State Univ.
Luis González y González, Colegio de Michoacán

Susana Pacheco Jiménez, Directora Archivo del Estado de Jalisco
Asunción Lavrin, Department of History, Arizona State Univ. - Tempe
Robert McCaa, Department of History, Univ. of Minnesota
Charles B. Nam, Center for Population Studies, Florida State Univ.
Guillermo Peña (Director of CIESAS de Occidente)
C. Peter Ripley, Department of History, Florida State Univ. (emeritus)
David J. Robinson, Dellplain Prof. of Geography, Syracuse Univ.
Michael Scardaville, Department of History, Univ. of South Carolina
Marco Antonio Silva, Universidad de Guadalajara
Morton Winsberg, Department of Geography, Florida State Univ. (emeritus)
Eric Van Young, Department of History, Univ. of California-San Diego, La Jolla
Dr. Ivonne Audirac-Zazueta, Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State Univ.


Rodney D. Anderson, Project Director

Sarah Franklin, Assistant Director
Monica Hardin, Data Entry Supervisor
Tamara Spike, SPSS Specialist
Travis Hyer, Coding Supervisor
Claudia Rivas, Paleographer
Andrea Vicente, Data Analyst
Steve Brewer, Coordinator CD-ROM & Web site
Mariluz Ayala, Coordinadora del Proyecto en Guadalajara

  Pictured Left to Right (bottom row): Anne Marsh, Lindsey Harrington, Andrea Vicente, Claudia Rivas, Juan Manuel Franco, Monica Hardin, Tamara Spike. (2nd row left to right): Steve Brewer, Wayne Harden, Sarah Franklin, Dr. Joan Casanovas, Travis Hyer, Mary Cooney (top): Dr. Rodney Anderson, Project Director.


Paul Berk, Producer CD-ROM
Douglas Charity, Technical Consultant
Carol Cody, GIS Consultant
Anne Marsh, Webmaster
Dr. Michael Powelson, Historical Consultant
Robert B. Ryals, Webmaster & Information Technology Conultant
Stephanie Spike, Oracle Application Development

Former Staff Members

Ms. Monique M. Bryan-Brown
Ms. Shawntae K. Cameron
Dr. Elaine Carey
Nashma Carrera
Kristin Collins
Dr. Mary K. Cooney
Darlene Deas
Dr. Gery Geis
Karen Greene
Dr. Wayne Harden
Adrienne Harmon
Dr. Burton Kirkwood
Dr. Yamile Regalao
Dr. David Sicko
James (Jay) Tapp
Dr. Lee Williams
Dr. Kevin Witherspoon



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