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  Francis Eppes VII
  1851 - 1905
  1905 - 1947
  1947 - 1959
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The Bryan Hall Learning Community was initiated in the Fall of 1997 when first-time college students were selected to participate in a unique living-learning community. One of the main goals of this community was to create an atmosphere that would encourage academic and personal achievement of program participants. Not only are students given the opportunity to take classes in their residence hall, they also are enrolled in a mentor program that gives them the chance to work more closely with specific professors on a topic of mutual interest.

Today, there are six Living and Learning Communities at Florida State:
-Broward Public Affairs Learning Community
-Bryan Hall Learning Community
-Cawthon Hall Education Learning Community
-Cawthon Hall Music Learning Center
-Jennie Murphree Women in Math, Science & Engineering Program
-Human Sciences Living and Learning Center at Reynolds Hall

Source: FSU Media Relations Office, 1997-1998.

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