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Student life has existed on the FSU campus since the days of the West Florida Seminary and the Florida State College. As class sizes grew so did interest in building student organizations. From the beginnings of the Greek System to the start of one of the biggest athletic rivalries in the state, students utilized as many resources as possible to ensure an active student life on campus.

In 1902 the Florida State College began its first football program. With a successful first two years, they ended their third and final season by defeating Stetson College and winning the state championship. In 1905, however after the Buckman Bill transformed Florida State College into the Florida Female College, the FSC football team evolved into University of Florida football when that school opened in Gainesville, Florida, in 1906

The Kappa Alpha fraternity chartered their first chapter in the state at Florida State College in 1903. The eighteen original members selected college president A.A Murphree as their first faculty advisor. KA's sister sorority, Kappa Delta, followed on campus in 1904. Today, the Greek System at FSU consists of 42 fraternities and sororities.


Women were also participating in extra-curricular activities forming their own basketball team. Once the women's college was established, this basketball team would evolve into the Odd's and the Even's. In years to come these two teams would create one of the most popular rivalries in the state.


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