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Through service-learning participation, Florida’s K-12 students will meet real needs, have improved academic outcomes, be more prepared for careers, have greater social skills, and be more civically engaged.


To provide the leadership, financial support, training, technical assistance, standards of practice, and products and facilitate networking, advocacy, and collaboration for schools and school districts to engage Florida’s K-12 students in quality curriculum-based service-learning.

Florida Learn & Serve is a federally funded grant program, supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service, that awards grants to schools and school districts to engage youth in service-learning. Approximately 3,000 awards have been made since 1991. Click here to view descriptions of Florida Learn & Serve projects. Each year, over $1 million is awarded for approximately 85 projects and 150 mini-grants. Research from past projects indicate that students who participated in service-learning—especially those at risk—improve their grades, attend school more often, and have fewer discipline referrals.

Florida Learn & Serve is part of the Florida Alliance for Student Service (FASS). FASS is a collaboration among several statewide programs dedicated to infusing service-learning into the curriculum of all Florida schools, from Kindergarten to Higher Education.

Program Types

Florida Learn & Serve Formula Grant - Schools can apply for funds for projects in which students learn and apply learning through serving their communities, helping other students, and/or serving the public good. Service must be integrated into curricula and Florida's Sunshine State Standards. Funds support costs associated with engaging students in service learning, including materials, supplies, coordination, substitutes, transportation, and training. This grant supports three types of projects.

1. One-Year Pilot Projects—Competitive awards of up to $6,000 for schools to initiate service-learning.

2. One-Year Renewal Projects—Competitive awards of up to $9,000 for previously funded Learn & Serve sites (schools or districts) to continue, improve, expand, dissemination, and sustain their service-learning efforts.

3. Model School and District Infrastructure-Building Projects—Multi-year awards (up to 6 years) non-competitive after the first year, for model efforts to build the programming, staff, training, support, partnerships, and evidence to institutionalize service-learning efforts. Schools can receive up to $9,000 a year, and districts up to $55,000 a year.

Florida Learn & Serve Special Initiatives Grant – Eight established service-learning models have been tapped to expand, improve, and disseminate their service-learning efforts in the areas of prevention, teacher education, the arts, dual enrollment courses, and the environment. These projects are funded for three years.

Corporation for National & Community Service

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