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National Service-Learning Standards

In a nationwide collaborative effort involving the input of over 1,000 service-learning practitioners, educators, and experts, standards and indicators for service learning have been established for the first time. Based on research and vetted/refined by over 50 reactor panels, the standards define the components of effective service learning in a K-12, curriculum-based context.

These standards should be reviewed and understood by all service-learning stakeholders, and integrated into service-learning project planning, design, implementation, training, and evaluation.

National Service-Learning Standards are now available.

Click here to view the standards.

(PowerPoint Document - 250 KB)

For more information on the development of the National S-L Standards from the LSA Clearinghouse click here.

The K-12 S-L Standards for Quality Practice Fact-sheet is also available from NYLC.

Click here to view the fact-sheet.


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