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Florida Service-Learning Legislation

~SB 1248~



1) An act relating to public K-12 education; amending s. 2) ...creating s. 1003.497, 7) F.S.; requiring the Department of Education to 8) encourage school districts to initiate, adopt, expand, 9) and institutionalize service-learning programs, 10) activities, and policies in kindergarten through grade 12; defining service learning; providing for 12) department assistance to a school district that 13) chooses to implement service-learning activities; 14) requiring development and adoption of service-learning courses; authorizing service-learning activities to 16) count toward high school graduation or academic award 17) requirements; encouraging school districts to include 18) service learning as part of courses or activities 19) required for high school graduation or receipt of 20) academic awards;

Download SB 1248 - Service-Learning Legislation - Click here.

NOTE: The SB 1248 is a broad education bill with several provisions and enacments. Only pages 3 and 4 pertain to service-learning in Florida. The text is underlined. Page 1 also has a brief summarization which is excerpted above.

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