Media & Outreach Kit

We are pleased to provide you with marketing and public relations resources to help you inform elected officials, the media, and local communities about your service-learning efforts.

Put simply, people are not aware of Learn & Serve America or that it is part of the National Service Program. Because of this, its budget has been cut for three straight years. If this fine program’s light is
not brought out from under a bushel, its future is bleak. The tools and tips provided on this webpage are designed to help you make others aware of the positive impacts of your Learn & Serve activities.

We must make a strong effort to inform Florida’s congressional delegation of how this grant benefits students and communities in Florida. There are no restrictions on providing information or inviting
officials to visit your project, and having your students do so is a good service-learning project. We urge you and your students to utilize these resources to expand awareness of your service-learning efforts.

Your media kit folder includes the following :

Florida Learn & Serve Cover Letter (PDF)

Florida Learn & Serve Logos for inclusion on materials

Florida L&S Talking Points 2008

Sample Formal Letter to Elected Officials (WORD DOCUMENT)

Sample Press Release Letter (WORD DOCUMENT)

Public Relations and Marketing Tips (PDF)

Additional Resources for Supporting Service-Learning Efforts (PDF)

Service Learning Website Resources (PDF)

Florida Service-Learning Business Card Reverse (PDF)

Florida Service-Learning Disclaimers for Publications (PDF)

Contact Information for Your Legislators

Florida Senate Homepage: Find your legislators by ZIP code.

Florida House of Representatives

US House of Representatives Contact Information (PDF)
US Senate Contact Information (PDF)

Resources for Working with Policy Makers-Elected Officials

FL&S Student Guide for Engaging Elected Officials (PDF)

FL&S Service-Learning Month Toolkit (PDF)

How an Idea Becomes a Law (PDF)

CNCS' Guide to Working with the Media (PDF)

Do_s_and_Don_ts_of_Working_with_Elected_Officials (WORD DOCUMENT) SOURCE: SEANET

Resources for Working with Policy Makers-Elected Officials (WORD DOCUMENT) SOURCE: SEANET

How_to_Inform_and_Engage_Policy_Makers_-_11-01-Final (POWERPOINT) SOURCE: SERVICE LEARNING UNITED (SLU)


Link to the Florida Alliance for Service-Learning Page (FASL)

FL Service Learning Month Proclamation

If you need assistance with interacting with the media and policy makers, contact Mary Matthews at

Corporation for National & Community Service