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Link for booklet published by the Natl. Dropout Prevention Center in 1998 (cost is $8). Link to booklet is below or you can copy the text above.

Title: Parent Involvement in Service Learning
Author: Cathryn Berger Kaye
Institution: National Dropout Prevention Center
Date: 1998
Abstract: The author notes that parents may be valuable players in the community service movement if they are educated about community service; provided with opportunities to become involved in it; invited to reflect and offer feedback on community service programs; and by allowing parents the chance to show what they have gained by becoming leaders in the community service movement. She gives specific examples of how parents' interest can be fostered and activities that they can participate in and stresses that service habits begin in the home. (SH)
Keywords: at risk youth, intergenerational development, parent, service-learning, service learning, service learning -- general

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