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Bring Learning to Life

Across America , service-learning is helping students perform better in school while improving their communities through service. By connecting classroom lessons with community service projects, service-learning engages students and brings learning to life!

Learn and Serve America has created a new set of tools – available for free – to help you spread the word about the benefits of service-learning and grow the movement of service-learning from 30 percent of K-12 schools to more than 50 percent of schools in the next five years.

Orders for these materials are being processed by Learn and Serve America's National Service-Learning Clearinghouse. To request these materials, click on the 'order' links below, send an email to orders@servicelearning.org, or call 1-866-245-7378, extension 130.

Bring Learning to Life (program video)


Customizable Program Brochure


What is Service-Learning? A Guide for Parents


Service-Learning: In Action Guide


Service-Learning Poster


Three-Panel Exhibit Display



Tips for Spreading the Word about Service-Learning

Below are some tips and ideas for how to use these materials in your local efforts to educate others about the power of service-learning and the benefits of your program.

Program Video
Show it to all educators and staff in your school or organization.
Contact your local cable access station to see if they will run the video in its entirety.
Contact local and state educator associations to see if they will play the video at their trainings and conferences.
Reach out to a neighboring school or organization to see if you can arrange a screening and information session on service-learning.
Ask your local newspaper or television station if they will host a community screening and forum on service-learning.
Show the video to potential community partners or funders to demonstrate how service-learning works and how they can be a part of it.
Arrange a showing for your school board, town council, or other elected officials.

In the white space on the back panel, include your program logo and contact information.
You can use stickers or insert into a writeable PDF. Don't have the time or know-how? Use your students' talents!
Distribute the brochures at trainings and events .
Provide your community partners with a supply of brochures to distribute .
Encourage teachers who use service-learning to share the brochures with parents during parent-teacher conferences to help educate them on the benefits of service-learning to their children.

Place the posters in your classroom.
Ask your local library if they will hang a poster on its community bulletin board.
Distribute them to other educators.
Distribute them to community partners and service sites.

PSA Distributed Nationally to Thousands of Broadcast and Cable Television Stations
In late December, Learn and Serve America's first-ever television public service announcement was distributed to thousands of broadcast and cable stations nationwide. In just one month, 78 stations have broadcast the PSA more than 1,000 times, reaching an estimated audience of more than 15 million viewers.

Imagine how many more stations are likely to air the spots after being contacted by a service-learning program in their state or community urging them to spread this important message to parents, students, and teachers. Learn how you can make a difference and encourage local stations to play the PSA. If you have any additional questions, please contact Jacqueline Aker (jaker@cns.gov) or Shannon Maynard (smaynard@cns.gov) in our Office of Public Affairs.

¿En que consiste el aprendizaje-servicio? Guía para los padres
(Spanish Version of What is Service-Learning? A Guide for Parents)

There is now a Spanish language version of “What is Service-Learning? A Guide for Parents,” our free Bring Learning to Life resource for parents. To download or order free copies of “¿En que consiste el aprendizaje-servicio? Guía para los padres,” visit Service Learning Spanish Guide (CNCS Link)

Order now. You can View or Download the guide in booklet format. (143K pdf) (This version is in booklet format to be printed on 25.5" x 11" paper.) Alternatively, View or Download the guide for easy reading and printing on letter sized paper (8.5" x 11"). (253K pdf)

Service Learning Spanish Guide (File from our website)
































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