Steven Tunick Award

Since 1996, Florida Learn & Serve has presented awards to teachers and administrators who have had a significant impact on the growth of service-learning in Florida. The award is named for Steve Tunick, a national leader in the development of intergenerational service‐learning.
Through his efforts in Florida and other states, Steve, much like Johnny Appleseed, planted the “seeds” of intergenerational service‐learning as away of bringing youth and elders together to help each other and their communities.

Steven died of AIDS in 1996. The Steven Tunick Award celebrates Steve’s and others’ strength, commitment, and courage to make service-learning possible for others. The award recognizes “outstanding support and sustained commitment to the development and improvement of
service-learning in Florida.” Winners receive a plaque and $1,500 to use toward advancing their knowledge and skills in service-learning. They can attend conferences or trainings, purchase materials, or use the funds as remuneration for help they provide to others.

Steven Tunick Award Winners

Dr. Ramona Frischman, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami

Daniel Hayes, St. Johns River Water Management District, Palatka

Jan Germann, Orlando

Evelyn Robinson, South Lake High School, Groveland

Melinda Beckett, Pensacola
Linda Keller, West Palm Beach
Bonnie Harrison, Gainesville

Betty Marler, Panama City

Phyllis Renninger, Jacksonville

Sue Anderson, Crawfordville

Louise Chapman, Daytona Beach

Cynthia McCauley, Chautaqua Learn & Serve, Panama City

Beatriz Hermann, Miami Douglas MacArthur South High School, Miami
Janis Klein-Young, Miami Douglas MacArthur South High School, Miami
Steve Rummel, Miami Douglas MacArthur South High School, Miami


Wendy Doromal, Timber Creek High School, Orlando



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