Spirit of Service Awards

The Corporation for National and Community Service's Spirit of Service Awards pay tribute to the most outstanding participants in each of the Corporation’s programs - including Senior Corps, AmeriCorps and Learn and Serve America - as well as corporate or foundation partners that are role models for private sector support of national and community service. The awards are presented to the winners during a special ceremony at the annual National Conference on Volunteering and Service. Several Florida Learn & Serve projects have recieved the Spirit of Service Award - click here to learn more.

This competition is open to any project or participant in a program supported by Learn and Serve America. CNCS expects to make awards each year in each of the following categories:

a student;
an educator; and
a Learn and Serve America grantee.

Nominees must be current or past Learn and Serve America grantees or part of a grantee-sponsored project. To learn more about the nomination process, visit the Learn & Serve America Spirit of Service site.

Florida Spirit of Service Award Winners

Click on one of the links below to learn more about Florida Learn & Serve's Spirit of Service Award winners.

Cynthia McCauley, Educator, Bay County (2006)
Elaine Wiltermood, Student, Polk County (2004)

2006 Spirit of Service Award Winner,
Cynthia McCauley, Bay County

We are delighted to announce that Cynthia McCauley of Chautauqua Learn & Serve in Bay County was selected by the Corporation for National and Community Service, as a recipient of the 2006 Spirit of Service Award. With an extraordinary heart and spirit borne of a love of young people and her own efforts to live with a disability, Ms. McCauley has engaged thousands of students in service-learning. Her projects enable students at all levels to practice skills, behaviors, and habits of citizenship they need to learn through helping their peers and their communities. Ms. McCauley has concentrated on her efforts on finding ways for students facing multiple disabilities to work with mainstream students on service-learning projects. Her latest undertaking is to create the first-ever service-learning charter school for students with disabilities. Through her efforts, thousands of students have been transformed through service-learning, and have learned that all people can and should serve—not just be served.

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2004 Spirit of Service Award Winner
Elaine Wiltermood, Polk County

We are delighted to announce that Elaine Wiltermood of Lakeland High School (LHS) in Polk County was selected by the Corporation for National and Community Service, as a recipient of the 2004 Spirit of Service Award. Ms. Wiltermood has been an active member in her school's Service-Learning Leadership class, led by teacher Susan Glynn. The high school senior has contributed to two homeless shelters by organizing a backpack drive for children in a shelter. The backpacks included materials for school, a journal, a book, and a ready buddy (stuffed toy). She was also instrumental in establishing a Bowls Dinner, with money raised being donated to one of the shelters. She organized a Christmas part for the children at the Salvation Army day care center and assigned high school students a day care buddy. The students were responsible for buying their buddies gifts. Throughout the process, Elaine has learned a lot about her community and herself. She wrote, "Serving in my community gives me the feeling that I can help to change the work in my own little way...Though I graduate this year and will be moving on, I plan to take service-learning with me wherever I may go. I honestly believe service learning has impacted my life in a major way and inspired me to become an involved member of my community."

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