Geometry and Spatial Sense: Importance

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The National Council of Teacher of Mathematics has recommended Standards related to geometry, The set of standards for Geometry and Spatial Sense, Standard 2--in Florida, is very important not only for its geometric importance, but also important for helping students develop dynamic imagery, a very important concept underlying much of mathematics learning , as well as learning in general. Dynamic imagery development includes looking back at actions already done and looking forward to (anticipating or predicting) actions to be done. Also transformations (flipping, turning, sliding, scaling, taking apart, and putting back together) are very important for the imagery development

The United States and Florida, in particular, performed less well than we prefer on international assessments in the area of Geometry (see the following reports on the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS),

Also see Pursuing Excellence and TIMSS: Third International Mathematics and Science Study). In addtion, the National Assessment of Educational Progress monitors student achievement in a number of areas, including Geometry and Spatial Sense. They have recently released the NAEP 1996 Mathematics Report Card for the Nation and the States. The Florida Report Card also gives specific state level data. (Also see Mathematics Framework for the 1996 National Assessment of Educational Progress), and Recommendations for the 1996 NAEP Mathematics Assessment. Perhaps the low scores reflect a need for increased emphasis upon this standard.

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