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Our Senior Secretary Raquel Schullo was born in Quito, Ecuador. Graduated as a Bookkeeper from the "24 de Mayo" High School in Quito; she later obtained a Real State License in South Florida and recently took a Business Technology course at Lively Technical School in Tallahassee.

Raquel is married to Richard Schullo and has three children and three grandchildren. She has lived in Chicago, South Florida and Mira and Quito in Ecuador for the last 12 years. Most recently, Mrs. Schullo moved to Tallahassee in August 1998.

Mrs. Schullo has held administrative assistant positions in the areas of Real Estate, the Airlines, a Plant Nursery, and has directed guided tours in Ecuador.

She enjoys working at El Centro, interacting with young students and meeting people of different backgrounds. She is a definite asset to El Centro.