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A group of Florida State Students created a diverse dance group which dance a traditionally Puerto Rican dance known as a plena.
But the distraction doesn't last long and the flirtation continues. Every step the men take in one direction the ladies take in the other.
The daily business taken care of, the men return to there business and women to theirs. Our antagonist, in the red dress, being the most daring of the ladies wont have it. She's quick to break the ice.
With no more then a look these two find each other and take eachothers hands in dance.
The example is set and courtship begin. When this couple comes together they really come together.
This couple take a turn as she shows her self off and he revels in her beauty.
These two are really having a good time.
The women having gotten the mens interest and attention walk away. But the men follow close in pursuit.