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Plena Dance- Page 1  Page 2
A group of Florida State Students created a diverse dance group which dance a traditionally Puerto Rican dance known as a plena.
Our group poses for a picture with other Florida State Students.
The men line up for the show. They are dressed to close close simular to the traditional dress of the jibaros of Puerto Rico. And cary the Machetes used to cut sugar cane.
These lovely ladies are dressed in dresses simular to traditional dresses of Puerto Rico. Each of these dresses was made specifically for this occasion
The dancers take there positions each next to his partner.
A dance tells a small story. In this one the ladies enter and the men pursue them not to far behind.
Each man aproaches a ladies and at their side they joint them in the dance.
The dancers move together and form a line as our characters are distracted form the courtship by matters "del Pueblo" or of the town. Perhaps work or town meetings. who knows.