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One of the traditions at Florida State is the annual Bar-B-Q, put on by the gentlemen of Sigma Lambda Beta -Rho Alpha chapter. The picnic never fails to draw a good croud and to get everyone having a good time. Check it out for your self.
The Rho Alpha banner hangs high over the BarBQ area, looking over the festivities.
Some of the betas +1 pose for a picture will their guests enjoy the barBQ.
Roger Payano gets his cook on at the grill. No one cooks those burgers like Roger. But he still has time for a picture.
If a picture alone is wearth a thousand words and you add 3 million dollar smiles like these, what do get?
3 x 1 million...divided by. . .the time derivative of the probability of words per cubic cm ... carry the one. And well I have no idea but with smiles like these how can you loose?
These lovely ladies are all smiles and seem to be having a great time.
The ladies of Sigma Lambda Gamma Alpha Iota chapter are always there support. Here they are with signs thrown up and showing off those lovely smiles. Now Raina I know you have a better smile then that.
Thats better Raina. Sigma Lambda Beta brother David Aviles takes to the shade and poses Sigma Lambda Gamma sister Raina Fiallo and a friend.