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This web site was created by Jenny Grill as a learning project for ADE 5080.

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Welcome to the Adult Education Alphabet Soup

Adult education is a tricky thing. Some of us say "Adult Ed." and really mean Human Resource Development (HRD), others think of Adult Basic Education (ABE) which might include GED (General Education Development) preparation as well as English as a Second Language (ESL). And still others might be thinking of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or of Community Based Education (CBE).

Anyhow, I think you get the picture--adult education is a lot of different things to different people. Because of this diversity, these cheat sheet pages will only focus on what we, as graduate students in adult education, have in common. By the way, ever wonder why we have to take core courses--it's for exactly this reason: We need to have some kind of common ground to share with one another. Therefore, the information you'll find here will have to do with stuff that we have all encountered in Foundations (ADE 5080), Processes (ADE 5380), and Adult Learning (ADE 5385). As for the many specialty areas listed above, well…What can I say, there's plenty of information in each of them to create more web sites!

Warning! This site is a "cheat" sheet--it won't go into detail about all of the topics that were covered in your courses. The info you'll find here is a very boiled down version of theories, thinkers, and practices. And besides, you took all those notes in class to get the really specific stuff, didn't you? There's lots to read here--I should know, I typed it all in! You may find it helpful to print out some of the sections and compare them with your class notes. Class material changes from time to time, so some of the stuff included here may not have been in your classes--remember to focus on the main ideas and see what matches up with what you got in your courses. Don't forget: Think critically at all times!


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