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Materials Science attempts to understand the fundamentals of polymers, semiconductors, and biomaterials, so that new materials can be created. For instance, understanding metallic alloys and other materials enabled the construction of vehicles that take humans to and from outer space safely.

The Center for Materials Research and Technology (MARTECH), an interdisciplinary center where both theorists and experimentalists in Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, and Engineering research key materials areas, has brought national recognition to the State of Florida in the field of small-scale (nano) device technology.

Goran Mihajlovic, an "extraordinary" doctoral student in Physics, is performing his research at MARTECH, focusing on the development of micro and sub-micrometer Hall sensors. His ultimate goal is to demonstrate that such sensors are capable of detecting tiny magnetic signals from magnetic micro-beads and nano-particles, which can be attached to molecules of interest and used as magnetic labels in bio-molecular sensing.

Because of his excellence in research productivity and innovation, Goran was one of the first recipients of Florida State's Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award. As his nomination reads, "He is one of those rare individuals who, when initially presented with the general problem of utilizing Hall devices for biodetection, made this problem completely his own. He developed in house fabrication methods for InAs quantum well sub-micron Hall devices and microfluidic channels. He also formulated and executed the measuring techniques to successfully bring his research to a point where the detection of biomolecules labeled with magnetic nanoparticles will soon be a reality."

During his short time at Florida State, Goran has managed to achieve national visibility as the principal author of two articles, both published in the highly respected refereed journal, Applied Physics Letters. Both of these articles have been highlighted in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology and a synopsis of one appeared in Physics Today, the major informational organ of the American Institute of Physics.

Not surprisingly, Goran's favorite activity is to "work in the Lab." A familiar refrain with scientists—nothing can quiet their need to understand.

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